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I founded Meet your Mate Online because I’ve always been passionate about helping people have great relationships.

I believe that everyone deserves to create their own "Happily Ever After."

But I noticed that a lot of people falter on the road to their fairytale ending. They could use a little help to make their vision a reality.

And since I found my soulmate Greg online AND I'm a Relationship Psychologist, I'm here to help show you exacly how you can meet the perfect partner too!

That's why I've created a collection of afforadable Success Solutions, so that everyone can afford to gain the knowledge, insight, and support they need to build a love that lasts a lifetime.

A Little About Me

Even as a teenager, I realized that relationships were important to people, but that many people weren’t very good at them! So, even before high school, I decided to become a doctor who focused on love. Back then, as now, I devoured every book
I could on the topic.

And I never wavered in my commitment to that goal, completing my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and an additional 2 year Postdoctoral Fellowship in Family Psychology.

I’ve been lucky enough to train with some of the country’s leading marital researchers and clinicians so my academic background is chock full of knowledge about what makes relationships work and what helps people to change.

Almost as important in my preparation as a love doctor are the life lessons I’ve acquired in my own romantic relationships. I know what it’s like to make bad choices and do it all wrong! I spent years doing it- creating one painful, unfulfilling situation after another. And fortunately, I’ve learned how amazing it can be when you do it right!

Through Internet dating, I met the love of my life, Greg, and have created the most beautiful love imaginable. We married just last year in a heartwarming sunset ceremony by the ocean. Our relationship is even more wonderful than I dreamed possible and it has changed me profoundly.

After being given this gift of joyful love, it’s my life purpose to help others create the love they deserve.

It’s this unique combination of academic knowledge and skills training combined with personal experience and insight that enables me to effectively assist others in developing extraordinary relationships. My clients see themselves in the stories I tell, which gives them hope that they too can reach the other side of the rainbow!

And that is my sincerest wish for you:
That you will create a lifetime filled with love.

I invite you to join me on the biggest adventure of all! Love.

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