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How it Works

Step One- Complete the Mate Magnet Survey to gather the attraction boosting information which will be crafted into your profile.

Step Two: Create first draft of your profile, together. This will include consideration of all aspects of your profile, including username, tag line, about you and who you am looking for, and other sections.

Step Three: We'll fine-tune your profile until it sparkles and magnetically reflects who you are!

Step Four: We'll select flattering photos to accompany your profile. Picture taking assistance also available in the Denver area.

Your Investment in Attracting Love

$85, includes the entire process, until we have the Perfect Profile.

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Not sure if your current profile needs help?

Consider the Attraction Booster: Profile Review and ReVamp and I'll personally review your profile to provide 3-6 Quick-Fix Attraction Boosting Tips to transform your profile into a mate magnet.

Or get started now writing your own powerful profile with our Perfect Profile Tonight: Profile Template.

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