Meet Your Mate Online:
Mastering the Art of Online Dating

A Comprehensive, Step-by-Step Super-Guide to Everything
you Need to Know to Attract Real Love Online!!!

Online dating is like a massive maze- know exactly what to do and you'll win the prize at the end of the puzzle- real, lasting love.

But if you're like most singles, you get lost along the way, and give up before finding your perfect partner, who's been waiting for you!

That's why I put together this Total Success Guide that includes all of the knowledge, guidance and insight you need to easily navigate all 5 stages of online dating.

I found my ideal mate online and I know you can too!

The 5 Online Stages You Need to Navigate with
Authentic Grace, Charm & Integrity

~ Pick the Right Site for Your Needs
~ Craft a Magnetic Profile
~ Cast a Wide Search Net
~ Greet Potential Dates Graciously
~ Navigate your First Dates Easily


To make it simple and quick to master these stages, your workbook will walk you through everything you need to know in 4 sections. Let's take a peek to see the insider secrets you'll learn in each section....

The Expert Success Secrets You'll Discover to
Ensure You Attract Genuine Love Online

Step 1: Prepare to Date Online

~ Discover how to choose the right site to match your needs so you achieve success more easily, while saving money

~ So many sites to choose from? How do you know which is right for you? Learn about the pros and cons of the 6 major types of online dating sites so you can easily devise a plan to attract real love quickly, without wasting precious time, energy, and money

~ Discover the 3-Pronged Approach to maximizing your online dating success so you find the perfect partner sooner, with less effort

~ Learn about the hidden settings on your profile so you can get the most out of your online dating efforts

~ Get the inside scoop on the two things you need to do BEFORE posting your profile to ensure your safety while online dating

Step 2: Crafting your Magnetic Profile

~ Discover how to pick a stand out username that will attract immediate attention and get more readers to click on your profile right away

~ Learn how to maximize curiosity by writing the right tagline, making your readers itch to read the rest of your profile so they can contact you

~ Get the inside scoop by seeing real life Do's and Don'ts so you never make an attraction-busting mistake in your profile!

~ Learn the 9 Biggest Content Mistakes most singles make and how to avoid them with the 9 Success Principles so you attract more dates than everyone else, leading you to the love you long for

~ Write your own Attraction Magnet Profile, quickly and easily with the Perfect Profile TEMPLATE- a step-by-step guide to crafting the best profile to get you noticed by the singles you most want to meet!

~ Get a bird's eye view into the Top 10 Picture Mistakes singles make that immediately reduce attraction by 75%!

~ Learn how to select the 6 best MUST-HAVE pictures to create instant chemistry leading to more contacts and better quality dates

~Sneak a peek into the Top Ten Tips Professional Photographers use to create the most flattering pictures so you can take your own photo shoot with confidence and create red-hot pictures that convert readers into eager dates

~ BONUS! In the Picture Tutorial you'll see 150 picture Do's and Don'ts so you know exactly how to pick the perfect pictures to attract the love you deserve!

Step 3: Your New Online Success Mindset!

~ Avoid the biggest reason most singles fail online dating! A faulty mindset. Where other guides abandon you, we've got your back with the most important factor to your online dating success- your attitude!

~ Discover the number one belief that causes the failure of most online daters who become frustrated, disappointed, and bitter, giving up on love before they find The One.

~ Stay upbeat, motivated, and on track to finding love in record time with this innovative MindSet System which will transform online dating from a drag to a bold adventure!

~ Unveiled! The single shift you need to make to ensure your online dating enjoyment and ultimate success!

~ Implement this unique, potent tool to help you make online dating the most powerfully positive, uplifting, and life-enhancing journey you've ever experienced!

Step 4: The Art & Skill of Online Dating Success

~ The secrets to making a successful search for potential dates are revealed for the first time in stunning detail!

~ Discover the 3 Biggest Search Mistakes you're making that are keeping you from finding your ideal partner

~ Learn why using the Wink or Smile feature may totally ruin your chances of finding real love!

~ Discover the Four Top Tips to writing a Magnetic Greeting which will immediately increase your response rate by more than 50%- netting more more dates, more quickly!

~ Use the Streamline Timeline to advance to your first dates and you will instantly avoid wasted time, effort, and emotion to fast forward to your perfect partner quickly!

~ Explore the one critical mistake you make that might mean you miss your ideal partner even when they are right in front of you!

~ Discover the gracious way to forever end the awkward moment at the end of every first date- so you can be the charming date everybody wants to see again

~ The easiest way to honestly tell someone you don't want to see them again, so you can date with authentic integrity and leave everyone knowing what a catch you really are!

~ Learn the critical keys to successfully dating more than one person online so you can get to the loving relationship you want sooner, with less heartbreak

~ Try the 7 Troubleshooting Tips when you aren't getting the dates you want so you never stay stuck in a rut!

All of that insider insight from a relationship expert who found The One online, plus much much more...that's just the tip of the iceberg of knowledge you'll gain which will lead you directly to the love you deserve online!

Why wait any longer? True love can be just a click away when you are ready to take control of your online dating destiny to find real love that lasts.

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